In the first set of episodes, an important skill we reinforce is the selection of an online nickname. A good activity for classrooms or at home would be selecting a nickname which is fun for the child but which offers no identifying information.ming_hat_1

Children may get some ideas from our character nicknames ‘Supercrab’, ‘Trueblue’, ‘Finstar’ and ‘Clamgirl’ etc. which are printed on the hats.

(Note: Directions for hat construction are on page two of the below PDF downloads.)

Black & White Hats Full Colour Hats
Hector black & white hat Hector full colour hat
Ming black & white hat Ming full colour hat
Ranjeet black & white hat Ranjeet full colour hat
Constable Solosolave black & white hat Constable Solosolave full colour hat
Sprat black & white hat Sprat full colour hat
Tama black & white hat Tama full colour hat

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