Early childhood centres can use the Hector’s World resources in a variety of ways to help young people start developing positive behaviours when they use technologies.

Recurring themes and messages in the episodes that can complement an early childhood learning programme are: Ranjeet

  • It is good to stop, and think for yourself, before acting.
  • You can be a good friend by helping others.
  • It’s good to always listen to what our feelings are telling us.
  • Always turn to a trusted adult when you are unsure or worried.
  • Good citizenship is important online and offline.

After watching the Hector’s World episodes, young children will identify with individual characters, will know their names and individual personalities.  This knowledge and interest along with the colourful venues of Silicon Deep can be used in a number of ways:

Literacy and Numeracy
Children can retell the episode stories using character cards as prompts. They can follow along and turn pages as the teacher reads Hector’s World storybooks.  Many venues can be displayed for counting activities, i.e. the Town Hall’s profile wall, or the Library shelves.  Venues can also be used be used as prompts for children to make their own stories. The Silicon Deep map can even be used as an activity for learning direction: left, right, up, down.

Music and Movement
The Hector’s World songs and music videos can be used for sing-along or dance activities. The movements of the animated characters can be used to encourage children to explore their own spatial movement.

Science and Nature
Silicon Deep is an underwater world and the images and characters can be used to complement studies of ocean creatures or ocean life.

Personal Safety
Many centres will promote personal safety in a number of contexts.  Using technology safely can compliment other safety programmes including road safety, sun safety and water safety.
The episodes have supporting material including: character hats, character cards, storybooks, and music in mp3 format. Educators are welcome to adapt the Hector’s World lesson plans and materials to suit their situation and take advantage of their centre’s emerging curriculum.