What is the right age?
Deciding when your child should go online for the first time really is best determined by you, the parent, and would be based on the values and activities of your family. If the whole family is very ‘connected’ it is natural for your young child to be curious.

With a child under 6, the earliest experiences on a computer at home are best with you at their side.  Talking with them about the online world and doing activities with them can give them a great start. Resources like Hector’s World can build their sense of being a member of the online community, and the benefits and responsibilities that involves.  hw_nz_sprat_001_sml_nocr

The most important thing in a young child’s life is their interaction with you.   In maintaining a healthy balance of activities for your child, you can look at computer use as a component of total ‘screentime’, along with watching television, and using game consoles and hand held games.  Screentime can increase as they mature but is often not recommended by child development professionals before the age of 2.

If the computer is a part of your playtime with your child, you can:

  • Introduce them to the Hector’s World Safety Button– (click on the swimming icon for an instant game of peekaboo).
  • Talk with them about what you are seeing and doing online.
  • Explore Hector’s World together.
  • Watch an episode together; there are  parent discussion points to help guide your discussion.

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