The copyright images in this file are provided in ‘jpg’ format for families and schools to use in classroom activities and at home.  The images may also be posted on internal school servers, school websites, school or teacher blogs, and used in school newsletters. Hector’s World Limited retains the copyright in all images and copyright in any modified material also vests in us automatically upon its creation.
Using these Hector’s World images is a great opportunity to teach young children about copyright. The phrase, “Copyright images used with the permission of Hector’s World Limited” should be placed on any material created that includes these images.

If you wish to use other material please contact us at We are always happy to consider individual requests.

Images available to download
The following images are available to download here. We hope you will be able to extend learning opportunities for your children using these images. 

Hector's World images in zip file

If you use more than one character in a layout, please refer to the Character Size Comparison Chart (available in the .zip file) to show their relative size relationships.

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