We encourage parents and children to create resources for their classrooms and homes using Hector’s World intellectual property. Such creativity can only serve to enhance and extend the learning experience with Hector’s World.  However, you also need to be aware that copyright in the material on this website, the Hector’s World website and our YouTube Brand Channel is owned by, or licensed to, us.  Ranjeet

What You Can Do With Our Copyright Material

As the copyright holder, we are able to determine what is done with our material.  This means that unless we expressly allow (or licence) you to do so, you may not copy, adapt, transmit, modify, or reproduce, or have any other dealing with, any of our material.

We would like our resources to be used by schools and families to their maximum potential, while still making sure we protect our copyright, so we have set out below a list of what you may do with our material. 

  • Our material may only be used for non-commercial, educational purposes.
  • When using our material in a permitted manner, all copyright and trade mark acknowledgements associated with it must be retained.
  • Except as specified in the bullet points below, you may not post or embed any of our material on any websites (including YouTube and blogs), or embed all or any part of this website or the Hector’s World website.
  • The images contained in this picture library may be used by schools in classroom activities or at home for educational purposes, and may also be posted on internal school servers, school websites, school or teacher blogs, and used in school newsletters.
  • Character flashcards, character profiles, song sheets, story books, downloadable activities and fact sheets:  You may download, view, display, print out and copy this material.
  • MP3 files/music tracks:  You may download this music.  The ‘You Are Not Alone’ and ‘Keep Yourself Switched On’ MP3s are the subject of a creative commons licence, which means that you are also allowed to copy and share these music tracks with others.  See the terms of this licence at Creative Commons.
  • Handouts and certificates:  You may download, view, display, print out, copy and modify this material.
  • Episodes and other video files, puzzles and games:  You may only stream this material directly from our websites unless it is also posted on our YouTube Brand Channel, in which case you may share it with others too using the functions for doing so which are available on YouTube.

All rights (including all copyright) in any modified material automatically becomes our property upon its creation.

If you wish to use our material in a way which isn’t set out above, please contact us at as we are always happy to consider individual requests.