HW & Google

Hector’s World and Google join together to promote digital citizenship for Kiwi kids

New Zealand educational charity Hector’s World™ has joined with Google to create a new online resource, the Hector’s World ‘Tech Cave’, which empowers Kiwi children to teach themselves and their communities about technology.

Hector’s World is a free online teaching and learning resource used in many New Zealand primary schools and early childhood centres to teach ‘digital citizenship’ – the safe and responsible use of technology. 

The new Tech Cave section of www.hectorsworld.com will explain how different aspects of technology work, from the internet to mobile phones and GPS systems, equipping children with the tools they need to use technology effectively and safely. The first two Tech Cave modules, about how the internet and search engines work, have been created with the support of Google, as part of the company’s commitment to promote safer online experiences.

Liz Butterfield, Managing Director of Hector’s World, says: “These days our children are starting to use computers as soon as their fingers can reach the keyboard, so it’s important to teach them from the start about how technology works, and how to use it responsibly as they make their way in the online world.

“The Tech Cave offers the opportunity for children to learn in a fun and entertaining way about how particular online technologies work. 

“Importantly, the format also encourages children to engage their families and communities as they complete the lessons. The hope is that if parents and grandparents enjoy the modules themselves, they will pass this on to other family members. Grandparents can be important mentors of very young children, exploring the Hector’s World website together. Sometimes that mentoring can work both ways!”

Ishtar Vij from Google Australia and New Zealand says: “We’re really pleased to be working with Hector’s World to support the launch of the Tech Cave.

“Hector’s World does a tremendous job, and we share their commitment to promoting digital literacy and digital citizenship – qualities that will ensure Kiwi kids are well positioned to take advantage of the benefits of the internet in a smart, safe and responsible way.

“Knowing how technology works is all part of being a capable digital citizen. To be safe on a bicycle, for instance, children first need to know how the pedals and brakes work. Likewise, to be safe on the internet it helps to know how the technology works, which is exactly what the Tech Cave offers.”

The Tech Cave section of Hector’s World is now live at www.hectorsworld.com. For more on Hector’s World, see www.youtube.co.nz/hectorsworldnz